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633(How To Make - Toys And Games) [detail] (2)

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Traveling by helicopter, 1961

Traveling by helicopter, originally uploaded by art.crazed.

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Karel Franta, "The Book of Goodnight Stories", 1982

Wise bear, originally uploaded by flamenconut.

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Make Your Own Puzzle! 1955

Make Your Own Puzzle!, originally uploaded by Charm and Poise.

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Fairy Tales in Animal Land

Cindy Bear, originally uploaded by flamenconut.

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Hans Witzig, Das Doggeli und die Tiere

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Käpten BEAs Abenteuer Band, 1956

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Another One

Another One, originally uploaded by Paul Thurlby.

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Nicolai Troshin e Olga Deyneko, The Baking Bread Plant

Bread on the table, originally uploaded by art.crazed.

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J. Vivien, Des Contes a la Lecture

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Rene Cloke, "Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales", 1966

Baby snatchers, originally uploaded by flamenconut.
Rene Cloke, "Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales", 1966

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Joan Walsh Anglund, Children's Page

Valentines to Make, originally uploaded by Wyld_hare.

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Flora White, "A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes"

Maud Touser, Boy Blue and His Friends, 1906

Little Boy Blue., originally uploaded by katinthecupboard.

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Vivienne, "Kitty Does Too: A Just-Like-You Book", 1946

Kitten drinking milk, originally uploaded by Wyld_hare.

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Nell Stolp Smock, "Have You Ever Seen?", 1942

Queen Holden, A Story of Curley Locks, 1929

The Glummy Family, originally uploaded by art.crazed.

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A.W. Nugnet, "Drawing Lessons for Children", 1930s

Drawing Lessons, originally uploaded by froggyboggler.

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Alain Grée, Les Album Rose, 1971

Off to Cork Moon, originally uploaded by Linzie Hunter.

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Marguerite Davis, “The Children’s Own Readers - Book One”, 1929

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J.R. Monsell, The Motor Car Dumpy Book, 1904

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Emanuel Schongut, Sesame Street Magazine

water water, originally uploaded by eschongut.

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Childhood’s Favorites and Fairy Stories, 1909

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Racey Helps

A Game of Croquet, originally uploaded by froggyboggler.

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"Tuning Up - The World of Music”, 1936

Sing of Summer, originally uploaded by katinthecupboard.

Tiny Tots Object Book, 1942

Happy 4th of July!, originally uploaded by Q is for Quilter.

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William John Hopkins, "The Doers", 1914

page001, originally uploaded by katinthecupboard.

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Freddie Langeler, "Fairies", 1920s

Surprise guest, originally uploaded by flamenconut.

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Cynthia Amrine, Earth and Sky School Science Poster #12, 1960s

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Marguerite Davis, “The Field Fourth Reader”, 1925